I have never had such a soft chewy cookie that just left me wanting two or 3 more.

~Lilly Garver , Portland Oregon

When my girlfriend brought home your cookies I ate most the bag before she could eat even one. And I’m not a cookie man.

~Joe Manis , Andover MA

These blow away any other Ginger Snap or Ginger flavored cookie , let alone ANY cookie anywhere!

~Richard Benson ,Cambridge MA

Wow! ..All I can say is WOW!-Well done.

~Matthew Lackren , Cambridge MA

When are these coming to the West Coast? They are utterly Fantastic! Looking forward to them in my Whole Foods

~Judy Daniels, Orange County, C

When are the brownies  coming out? My grandma would love them. Your cookies  are really tasty.

~ Jenny Delco Haverhill, MA

When are the cookie awards?-You would win for sure! These are excellent!

~Amy Meyers, Boston MA

I’m in love…. with a Cookie! Ginger’s Old Fahsioned  Gingers stole my heart, and make my stomach happy. Eating 1 now

~Ben Irving, Boston MA

My daughter keeps asking me for more-I tell her these are “Mommy’s Grown Up Cookies” now she wants them more than ever. They’re great!

~Wendy Beacon, Newton MA

S N A P T A C U L A R is an understatement! These should be in the “Ginger” Hall of Fame!

~ Shawna Beibler, Rhode Island

Can a cookie be sexy? You first notice it’s soft chewy texture, but then comes the heat from the ginger. This is decidedly an adult cookie and absolutely addictive.

~Suzie Charette, Boston MA

We are addicted to these cookies! These spicy little cookies are so good, you will want to keep popping them into your mouth. Serving Suggestion: 3 cookies plus a cold glass of milk. Calories: Who cares!!

~Halvarson Family, Canton Connecticut

Ginger’s  Old Fashioned  are deliciously delightful for any age! My Mom & Dad love them as the cookies remind them of the cookies they had when they were children – with a wonderful, soft-baked twist. My husband & I love them as a luscious comfort treat (I have to hide the last one from him!). My two miniature schnauzers, Nash & Sting, even cry to have a bite!

~ Karen Karwowski, Roseville Mi

This shortbread is the perfect holiday cookie!

~Doug Riley Milton MA

These cookies are equally loved by both my mother and my daughter. Stocking stuffers for sure this year for all my family. Thank You for such a tasty ginger flavor that really stands out!

~Vivian Lowers Cambridge MA

Your Pumpkin Chunkin is  a one of a kind hit! When are you sending it to  Martha Stewart? She would put it on her favorite things list.

~Jane Aubry Newton MA

Ginger’s Goodies are tasy and moist and my whole family loves them. And they are not always easy to please. Thank you Ginger!

~Susan Lee Kim Washing D.C.

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