About Us

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Ever Since I was growing up on Three Mile Drive in Detroit Michigan, I harbored a dream to bake and create magic tasty comfort treats. It began when my mom would need a break and force me and my sister Jess (when we would get too rowdy inside) outside following a snowfall with a bowl, a spoon, sugar, milk and vanilla extract. I would then scoop the snow into the bowl , mix in the ingredients, and convince myself this was the best brown/vanilla ice cream invented. Even though it was “make believe” it was delicious, and embedded the importance of always using fresh natural ingredients.

Eventually I hung up my spoon from my Ben and Jerry days and adopted a more sophisticated cooking style thanks to my Easy Bake oven. That was a magical time for me. I could hardly contain myself while peering through the oven’s slot -window, giddily watching as my cakes, brownies and blondies baked under the intense heat of a 40 watt bulb. The experience taught me patience and happiness that fresh baked goods can make life wondrous!

However, like any great artist, my baking dreams experienced a snag. My early Easy –Bake success made me arrogant. I felt I was beyond the trivialities of clean-up. Consequently, after continually ignoring my Mom’s reminders to turn off the Easy-Bake oven after using it and to clean my baking pans, she removed the oven’s light bulb. My heady days as Queen Crocker were over.

But my baking dreams never truly died. I knew someday I’d bring joy and a sense of nostalgia to all who eat my Cookies and Specialty Treats! Thus Ginger’s Goodies was born! It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my cookies and goodies. I pride myself on using all natural ingredients and can assure you, My cookies & goodies taste as good with a ice cold glass of milk as they do with a hot cup of coffee!

I hope my cookies and other goodies bring as much joy and pleasure to you as they do for me and my family and put a smile on your face as bright as the freshly fallen Michigan snow.

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