A Note From Ging

Let me take you a journey to your past. When everything was good, everyone was happy and time went by nice & slow.
You know the time…summers seemed endless; lemon aid stands were on every corner.
Life was full of simple delicious pleasures. Like wholesome baked goods- the kind your grandmother made…

Back then sun was good for you, but the ingredients in her treats? Maybe not so much..That’s why I was inspired to create Ginger’s Goodies. I know we all long for homemade taste but with no trans fats or artificial flavoring and of course made with only premium delicious ingredients. My cookies have that Old Fashioned Homemade taste and feel even in todays contemporary world.

My products are deliciously different yet strangely familiar at the same time.
At Ginger’s Goodies we believe eating our baked treats is a magical way to reconnect to your past. So let that child in you back out to play in the sun(still good for you in small doses!) and treat yourself to Goodies when you want!

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